Friday, April 23, 2010

Twilight's Kristen Stewart to replace Angelina Jolie in Wanted 2?

Angelina Jolie - Wanted - angelina wantedI said that when Angelina Jolie pulled out of the Wanted sequel, that I thought that pretty much killed it.
But the producers may have figured out a way around Angelina's absence, by focusing on another up and coming star.
No, not Megan Fox.
It appears the producers are looking at Twilight's Kristen Stewart to fill the void left by Angelina.

Kristen Stewart - Twilight - Wanted Rumor has it that Kristen will play a young assassin and James McAvoy will be back as Wesley Gibson.
The original idea that I had heard was that Fox (Angelina's character) was put in the healing wax bath and that she would be good to go for the sequel.
But when Angie nixed that idea, all looked like it was lost.

If this works out and Kristen does do the Wanted sequel, that will put the legions of Twilight fans behind the new project.

Now, will Kristen be playing Fox or another character?

As you know, Fox took a bullet to the head in the original, so could even the waxy bath save her?
Does she have an ability that allows her to regenerate like Dr. Who?
Did she do some kinda psychic transfer just before she died?
Does Wesley do some secret Tibetan ritual that transfers Fox's essence from one body to another?
Does Kristen play an all new character?
I gotta go with the last one, because that would allow Wesley to become the mentor, let Fox rest in peace, and give Kristen a new character to fill out.

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